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[ A Lycos TOP 5% Rated & Reviewed Web Site ]

[ Afro American Web Ring TOP SITE AWARD - Oct 97]

Site Awards Received

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CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite Award
This Site has been listed on WebSite500 Channel: Society/Culture and awarded CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award.

Links2Go Key Resource Award\: Africa Topic.
Links2Go Key Resource: Africa Topic
The Links2Go Key Resource award is both exclusive and objective. Fewer than one page in one thousand will ever be selected for inclusion. For each topic, Links2Go selects at most 50 of the most representative links.

[ A Lycos TOP 5% Rated & Reviewed Web Site ]
A Lycos TOP 5% Reviewed & Rated site. Listed in both the Ethnic Studies & Minority Resources TOP 5% areas.

[ Afro American Web Ring TOP SITE AWARD (October 1997) ]
The staff at the Afro American Web Ring review member sites for content, visitor comments, and individual web statistics. (October 1997)

[ Featured as The Best Web Site by INTER*NETwork Exchange (Week of 12/08/96) ]
Featured by INTER*NETwork Exchange as The Best Web Site. (December 1996)

LookSmart Editor's Choice Award
Awarded the Editor's Choice Award by LookSmart, a subsidiary of Readers' Digest, for providing a useful & high quality page.

[ A WebCrawler SELECT Best of the Net Site ]
Reviewed by WebCrawler in its WebCrawler SELECT Best of the Net category.

[ An ASG November StarSite Award Site ]
Awarded the StarSite Award, established by the Alikar Services Group, for excellence in Web Page design on Afrocentric web pages.

[ A WebScout Way Cool Site ]
Selected by WebScout as A Way Cool Site

[ Cosmic Site of the Night for 96-04-28 ]
Selected by AdZe MiXXe as the Cosmic Site of the Night. (04-28-96)


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