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Pages for Kids

Abwenzi African Studies
Brief Summary - An illustrated story about a special pen-pal relationship between kids in Malawi, Africa and kids in Aspen Colorado. Kids will see and learn about the places where they live and get information on animals, food, and toys.

Children's Bible Hour
Brief Summary - The online version of the Children's Bible Hour. Has daily scriptures and lessons (Text & RealAudio). Also has information on Bible correspondence courses.

Children's Literature Web Guide
Brief Summary - An indexed list of web resources related to books for children and young adults. Also has Book resources indexed for Parents, Teachers, and Writers.

Brief Summary - A nice collection of web resources about Dr. Seuss stories. A place for kids of all ages.

The Electronic Zoo
Brief Summary - A massive collection of web resources on all types of animals.

Francis's Dog House
Brief Summary - "Besides being an extreme flirt and a highly intelligent animal, Francis loves music. The result of this is Francis Rates CDs. Francis helps other homeless doggies find people to love them through his Adopt a Dog Today area, where people can actually search through pictures of dogs currently in shelters across the world to find the perfect pet for their family (by erik at tf corp)! Plus he has pages listing all of the very best links (yum!) the on-line doggie world has to offer!"

International School Web Site Registry
Brief Summary - This online global registery is probably the most comprehensive list of K-12 WWW school web sites in the world. It has clickable maps and also special school categories (i.e., gifted, handicap, Mathematics, Montesssori, etc.).

Kids' Space
Brief Summary - An interactive playground for kids around the world.

KuMi Magazine Online
Brief Summary - A wonderful magazine for children of African descent. The online sample edition includes sections on African Folktales, Famous People, Pen Pals from Africa, a Book Review and related topics.

The Math Forum
Brief Summary - A comprehensive resource for math education on the Internet. It has excellent online resources for learning and teaching math.

The Nine Planets
Brief Summary - Describes and illustrates each of the planets and major moons in our solar system and provide references to additional related information. Contains pictures, sounds and a few movies relating to objects in our solar system.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
Brief Summary - A version of Sports Illustrated written for kids. Kids can find which sports stars share their birthday, play various interactive games and see information on all the major sports.

Tic Tac Toe
Brief Summary - Lets you play the game Tic Tac Toe online.

Brief Summary - A web search engine for kids.


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