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African American Web Connection Purpose

Likeness of William Jones
by William R. Jones, CCP
The African American Web Connection, AAWC, is providing a doorway to Afrocentric web resources for the African American web community and others seeking the total Black web experience. To put it in a nutshell this web hobbyist is just having fun and gaining valuable web experience; furthermore, I am trying to give something back to my people. Having no special agenda, I truly welcome all suggestions dealing with the content or layout of the pages making up the website. In my humble opinion, this site belongs to the community.
The website was created in 1995 as a public service. The current version of the African American Web Connection is the result of a college capstone project. This is still a nighttime and weekend avocation; consequently, the site is only updated biweekly. As always, these pages change based on your valuable comments and suggestions. Do not forget to check out my African American Churches page which (I believe) contains the earliest collection of African American church "web pages" on the World Wide Web. Pages for Kids is a nice place to visit for the young and young at heart. I welcome any and all ideas about possible new web pages.
This humble webmaster does not necessarily endorse each and every view expressed on the resources provided; however, I believe all of them have a place in the fabric which constitutes the Black experience in America. It is my sincerest wish that this site will help you navigate the World Wide Web. Please email me or fill out the "Feedback Form". As a general rule, I try to read all emails within 5 business days.

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As a service primarily to the African American community, links are provided to a multitude of off site pages; however, this site does not necessarily endorse each opinion, product, and service found on these external web sites. Every attempt has been made to provide only honest resources which will educate, entertain, and benefit our people in a "positive" manner; however, as with all resources please use common sense and reasonable caution.

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  Maintaining a website like the AAWC requires a lot of work; furthermore, web hosting on a fast server is not inexpensive. While the exact future of this website is still evolving, currently this is NOT a commercial website. Other than a very few miscellaneous dollars, we do not have web sponsors or any other income sources for this website. Since monthly expenses are high and this Webmaster is a long-term victim of the reduction of Information Technology (IT) jobs in the United States, I humbly ask for your financial support in maintaining this website.

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William Jones

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