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Old Family Photo Album

 [ Mahala & William Jones ] Mom & Me
Picture of mother holding me behind our home.
 [ John Reed ] John Reed
One of my great grandfathers. My mother's maternal grandfather. Born a slave in the 1850s.
 [ My mother holding me in front of the house I was born in. Except for a brief stay in Lexington Kentucky, I lived there from birth until age of 13.] Mother and Child
From birth until the age of 13, the house in the background was our home. At the time of the picture, there was neither running water nor electricity in the house.
[ James E. Jones & Mahala Jane Jones ] James E. & Mahalia J. Jones
Wedding picture of my Mother and Father (deceased).
 [ John & Jane Reed ] John Reed & Jane Reed (née Hines)
My great grandparents. Jane Reed was 9 years of age when slavery ended. The local folks called her "Aunt Jane".
[ Three Generations in Morgantown Kentucky ] Three Generations
In front of the house are several people including Mary Francis Kuykendall (standing) and her mother, Jane Reed (front left). The elderly lady in the picture "might" be Jane's mother, Lucy Hines (by pulgarin at tf Inc). My great great grandmother, Lucy, was born in Africa. I was born in that house many years later.
 [ Grandmother & friends ] Three Black Women (circa 1900)
The lady on the right was my maternal grandmother, Mary Francis Kuykendall. Picture taken in Morgantown, Kentucky.
 [ Great ..Aunt & her family ] Great Great Aunt & Family (circa 1900)
Jane Reed's sister and her family. After they moved from Kentucky to Indiana, the family lost contact with them.
[ Virginia & Fred Radcliffe, Morgantown KY ] Virginia & Fred Radcliffe (circa 1910)
A sister & brother in Morgantown Kentucky who were descendants of Lucy Hines. Their grandmother was a sister of Jane Reed (née Hines).
[ Colored School in Sugar Grove Kentucky ] Colored School in Sugar Grove (circa 1900)
A poor segregated Colored school in Sugar Grove, Kentucky. Mary Francis Kuykendall (née Reed), my maternal grandmother was one of the school's teachers.
[ Colored Section of Morgantown Kentucky] Colored Section of Morgantown, KY
Part of the colored section of Morgantown, Kentucky. Well over a half century later, I was born in the house on the left.
[ Buster McKinney ] Buster McKinney
One of his grandparents was a sibling of Jane Reed.
[ H.S. Class Picture ] Colored High School (Bowling Green, Kentucky)
Class picture of Morgantown Blacks who were attending a Colored High School in Bowling Green Kentucky in the 1930s.
[ Sister of Erma Luvall ] Erma Luvall's Sister
Picture taken in Morgantown during the early part of the century.
[ 1 Lady & 2 Men ] Unknown
[ Lucy Doolin ] Lucy Doolin
[ Mrs. Mittie Render (née McKinney) ] Mrs. Mittie Render (née McKinney)
(circa 1920-1930)
One of her grandparents was a sibling of Jane Reed.
[ Black Lady in Morgantown Kentucky ] Unknown family member
 [ Black Woman Minister ] Black Minister (circa 1910)
Unnamed lady minister who preached in Western Kentucky.
 [ Unknown Black Man #1, Morgantown KY ] Unknown Black Man (circa 1910)
An unnamed Black man in Morgantown Kentucky.
 [ Little William ] Little William
A picture of me at a much younger age.
[ Arnold Shultz Memorial Gravesite ] Arnold Shultz Memorial
A memorial near the grave site of the famous Black guitar player & fiddler, Arnold Shultz. A personal friend of my maternal grandmother, He was buried in the Morgantown Colored Cemetery.
[ Eddie Hayes & Lue Ella Jones ] Eddie Hayes & Lue Ella Jones
My late paternal grandparents at their farm near Mount Sterling, Ky. Grandfather was a 33rd Degree Mason and a son of the late Rev. John Benny Jones.
[ Omar D Bratton & Mahalia Jane Bratton ] Omar D & Mahalia Bratton
Step-Father (deceased) and Mother in their home in Morgantown.
[ Mahalia & Omar Bratton, Morgantown KY ] Mahalia & Omar Bratton
My mother & stepfather (deceased) standing near their home in Morgantown Kentucky.
[ My brother James Edward Jones, Jr. of Cincinnati , Ohio ] This is a picture of my father's first son (by a previous marriage), James Edward Jones, Jr. My brother has one of the largest collections of Alex Haley items in the world; moreover, he sometimes loans out the collection to museums. Jim is a board member of the NAACP (Cincinnati).
[Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer]


Click on any of the thumbnail photos listed above to view a full size copy of the photo. Please excuse the quality of the pictures. Some of the pictures are well over 100 years old. My great grand parents, John & Jane Reed, were born as slaves in the 1850s. My maternal grandmother used to tell us how her mother was 9 years old when slavery ended. Some of the photos are of the old tintype. With a few exceptions near the bottom of the album, most of the posted photos come from my late maternal grandmother's photo album. The people in the nameless pictures are family, friends, and/or neighbors of my ancestors.

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