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African American Art: Visual Arts and Poetry

African American Art
Brief Summary - An excerpt on African American art taken from Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience, Second Edition edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Kwame Anthony Appiah. (Thanks to the publisher for the prior approval given to this posting. Meant for the serious student of African American History - webmaster.)
[ cross referenced in both African American Art & History]

The Afrocentric Art Gallery
Brief Summary - "Virtual art gallery featuring the works of the very talented Evens C. Merine."

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
Brief Summary - An electronic African art exhibition at Bayly Art Museum in Virginia.

Art Gallery Emporium
Brief Summary - Offers an exclusive and unique cyber mall of exquisite artwork by remarkably talented artists from around the world.

The Art of Haiti
Brief Summary - " Visit our gallery of colorful, original oil paintings from Haiti. We feature works from first generation artists to newly discovered talents, all at reasonable prices. These paintings are very colorful and eye-catching. "

Artists Collective
Brief Summary - An interdisciplinary arts and cultural institution emphasizing African and Caribbean arts and culture.

ArtNoir Showcase
Brief Summary - A pathway to artists, collectors, libraries, museums, galleries, and other art services. It also includes a national fine art services directory which specializes in the Art of the Diaspora. [Also listed on the Afro-American Publications page.]

Hamill Gallery of African Art
Brief Summary - Contains images and information on various aspects of African Art.

Karmella Haynes - Freelance Artist
Brief Summary - A web page by an exceptional multi-talented Afro-American artist.

Les McCann's Art Work
Brief Summary - Artwork by the legendary soul-jazz musician Les McCann.

M. E. P. S.   Art Studios
Brief Summary - MEPS is a highly talented Artist from New York city currently located in Atlanta Georgia. Check out the unique styled art.

PHÆLOS Publishing Co.
Brief Summary - This beautifully laid out publishing house web site contains Articles, Essays, Poetry, and a small Art Gallery. The founder, Adam Abraham, author of "A Freed Man: An Emancipation Proclamation"which can be ordered online. Whatever your taste, this site deserves a look!

Spirits in Stone
Brief Summary - "Come visit North America's oldest and largest collection of Zimbabwean Shona Stone Sculpture online."

Yoruba & Akan Art in Wood & metal
Brief Summary - An excellent online Yoruba and Akan art exhibit.

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