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Black Authors


Jerry Craft
Jerry Craft

After receiving a B.F.A. degree from the School Of Visual Arts in New York City, Jerry Craft worked on several comic books. For instance, he worked on Barbara Slate's Sweet 16 for Marvel Comics and and New Kids On The Block for Harvey Comics. Mr. Craft's comic strips have appeared in Ebony magazine, Jewish Week, King Features' Laff-A-Day panel, The New York Daily News, and The Village Voice.

In 1995, his comic strip, Mama's Boyz, was picked up by the King Features Weekly Service - a collection of cartoons and columns that are distributed to over 1,500 newspapers and magazines around the world; also, Mama's Boyz comic strip runs regularly in supplements of the New York Daily News for special occasions such as Black History Month and Kwanzaa. The Mama's Boyz characters are the national spokescharacters for the American Diabetes Association; moreover, Jerry Craft was presented with the American Diabetes Association's Outstanding Supporter Award for his work during National Diabetes month.

His new book, Mama's Boyz: As American As Sweet Potato Pie!, is a collection of the best Mama's Boyz comic strips. The new book features a special foreword by Lynn Johnston creator of For Better or For Worse.

Book Title : Mama's Boyz: As American As Sweet Potato Pie!
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Mansfield B. Frazier
Mansfield B. Frazier
Mr. Frazier started his professional writing while he was an inmate in a Federal prison in Ashland, Kentucky. Shortly before his release from prison, his first book, From Behind The Wall, was published. His book is now recommended reading in college courses on criminology and penology. Drawing on the experiences of his former life style, Mr. Frazier attempts to offer workable solutions to the large number of social problems facing this country's underclass. Besides being a contributing editor for the national publication "Prison Life", Mr. Frazier is an associate editor of the award winning " The Downtown Tab"; moreover, his writings appear in many national periodicals.
Book Title : From Behind the Wall : Commentary on Crime, Punishment, and the Underclass by a Prison Inmate
Publisher : Paragon House Publishers
ISBN No. : 1-55778-706-9
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Rev. Nathaniel J. Gadsden
Rev. Nathaniel J. Gadsden
Reverend Dr. Nathaniel J. Gadsden is a Pastor, Poet, Columnist, and TV & Radio Show Host; also, he is the founder of Nathaniel Gadsden's Writer's Wordshop, Inc. a nonprofit organization who's goal is to develop, promote and publish talented writers who have traditionally had to overcome cultural, racial and economic barriers to publication and acceptance in mainstream literary circles. He is the Author of "Stomp the Dust ", a book of poetry about the Million Man March (by erik at tf corp). Dr. Gadsden's articles have appeared in newspapers across the nation; moreover, he is the co-host of "Life Esteem", a television program created for cable TV.
Book Title : Stomp The Dust: The Million Man March
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Roland Owen Laird
Taneshia Nash Laird
Roland Laird, Taneshia Laird, & Elihu Bey
Roland Owen Laird and Taneshia Nash Laird are the founder and marketing director, respectively, of Posro Komics, a cartoon company in Edison, New Jersey. With superb artwork by illustrator Elihu "Adolfo" Bey, the Lairds co-authored, Still I Rise: A Cartoon History of African Americans. Spanning from 1619 to the Million Man March of 1995, Still I Rise is the first book to tell the vivid history of African Americans in one 200+ page cartoon narrative. The historically accurate book shows how Black Americans have persevered despite overwhelming odds. (Photo: from left, Taneshia Laird, Roland Laird, Elihu Bey)
Book Title : Still I Rise: A Cartoon History of African Americans
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN No. : 0-393-31751-x
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Alondra Yvette Oubre, Ph.D.
Alondra Yvette Oubré, Ph.D.
Dr. Oubre is the author of numerous scientific articles, a national lecturer, and a corporate communications consultant. Her scientific interests include biocultural influences on health and wellness, the psychobiology of behavior, medical ethnobotany, and plant drug research. Her book, Instinct and Revelation: Reflections on the Origins of Numinous Perception, is a seminal exploration of the role of religious belief in the expansion of human consciousness. Dr. Oubre is currently involved in media and edu-tainment endeavors to increase public education about biodiversity, especially the nature-nurture debate over ethnic differences. .
Book Title : Instinct and Revelation : Reflections on the Origins of Numinous Perception
Publisher : Gordon and Breach Publishers
ISBN No. : 90-5699-528-6 (Softcover)
90-5699-527-8 (Hardcover)
To Order Book :

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